The DIC Group is one of the leading investors in the German market for commercial real estate

Deutsche Immobilien Chancen (DIC) with registered office in Frankfurt am Main was set up in 1998. Today, it is active across Germany and one of the country's leading investment entities for commercial real estate.

Press Release

DIC Asset AG Group signs agreements with a view to the disposal of a participation of approximately 14% in TLG IMMOBILIEN AG

Frankfurt, 06.12.2018

DIC Asset AG Group has, after the increase of its own position, signed today with Ouram Holding S.à.r.l. ("Ouram") and Bedrock Group ("Bedrock") agreements with a view to the disposal of shares in TLG IMMOBILIEN AG amounting in the aggregate to 14% for a purchase price which is higher than the current stock exchange price. The total purchase price has magnitude of approximately EUR 376,000,000, the resulting substantial profit goes directly into the balance sheet profit of DIC Asset AG Group. The agreement with Ouram relates to a 6% stake, the agreement with Bedrock to a stake of 8% in TLG IMMOBILIEN AG. Closing of the transactions is expected to take place at the end of the first quarter/beginning of the second quarter 2019 at the latest. The proceeds will be used for the growth of the business of DIC Asset AG.

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